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PROMEI INT is a company that inspires confidence among its customers and suppliers. As such we present equipment from a variety of national and international brands we represent.

To be closer to our customers and providers and thus provide a better service, we are renewing our image and soon will present a new website.

APO anual meeting

Promei Int will be present in the Otoneurology Portuguese Association anual meeting from the 4rd until the 6th of june at the Grande Rel Santa Eulália Hotel - Albufeira, Algarve.

This is the main point of contact with Otoneurology professionals and we'll demonstrate the new Homoth's equipment VNG 4000 and also the Framiral's new software for the Multitest postography platform

Come and visit us in our booth at the meeting!

First Luso-Brazilian Esterilization Congress

Promei Int will be present in the first Luso-Brazilian esterilization Congress happening in the Lisbon University from the 11th until the 12th of June.

Come visit us in our booth and receive information about our suppliers equipments, Medisafe and LTE, as well as play and watch some demonstrations of some Medisafe equipments.

For further information contact us and please do visit our booth at the congress!


We've installed the first Dynamic Postography Multitest System with 2D/3D feedback.

This equipment allows you to perform reahabilitation checkups as well as 2D/3D feedback. It also ensures the accurate, easy and safe measure of the static and dynamic postography of the pacient. It comes with an optocinetic module, Stimulopt, and projector.


Already in use the new Homoth equipment HIT4000. This new model allows you to perform the HIT vestibular study with the simultaneously complete analysis of the 6 semi-circular channels.

With no discomfort for the patients this userfriendly equipment guarantees the complete and exaustive analysis of the 6 semi-circular channels. The results are real time displayed on the screen and during the exam you can record or view it in slow motion.

Respiratory Function Tests

We've installed in Coimbra and Aveiro the new portable CO Difusion system from MEE.

Portable all-in-one device (analyzer, linear sensor and tablet) with a 10'' touch screen that can be used comfortably in every surrounding.


We've installed in Lisbon, Ponta Delgada and Angra do Heroísmo the Monitoring systems for SpO2, EtCO2 and video.

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